„ELPROM TRAFO СН” is an organization with main activity of “Design, manufacturing, selling, repair and testing of transformers and electrical systems”. In the base of our activity and our success is the protection of the interests of our clients.

The quality of work is an obligation to everyone in the whole organization, with which is determined the responsibility of each of our employees.

The Management of „ELPROM TRAFO СН” fully understands its obligation to develop, maintain and upgrade the Integrated Management System of quality, environment and the health and safety at work, according to the requirements of the International Standards for control:

ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2015 and EN ISO 45001:2018.

The main principles of our policy are:

  • Guarantied quality of the offered from us goods and services;
  • Reducing to minimum the impact on the environment;
  • Guarantying the health and safety at work of our employees;

For the realization and as proof to our professionalism we are committed to:

  • satisfy of clients requests in each aspect, with offering them high quality products that cover the relevant standard in the shortest possible time;
  • fulfill our obligations, through the active participation of everyone in the organization and constant aim to improve our Integrated Management System;
  • identify, prevent, control and minimize unfavorable impact on the environment resulting from our operational activities;
  • determinate existing risks for the health and safety of the personal, removing any threats and decreasing the risks so that injuries and illnesses of the personal can be prevented;
  • uphold all applicable normative and other requirements for quality, environment, health and safety during work;
  • develop, maintain and apply activity for improvement of the motivation, clarification, participation and commitment of the personal, for the effective control on the questions regarding the quality, environment, health and safety during work and increase the satisfaction of the interested sides;
  • create and maintain a healthy and safe work environment with an aim for the constant improvement of the infrastructure;
  • guaranty that the processes are executed so that they ensure the health and safety of all of the personal, clients, suppliers and visitors;
  • constant observation and measurement of the processes and activities which have a significant impact on the ambient and work environment;
  • investigate and analyze all arisen incidents and pollutions as well the results from the taken measures against them;
  • ensure the activities for proper and effective exchange of information with all of the interested sides;
  • present enough information, instructions, training and observation to ensure that all working personal is familiar with the risks while executing the work processes and their liability for work safety at all time
  • periodically review and update our politics and goals;
  • constantly improve the efficiency of our Integrated Management System;

The Management is certain that the team of „ELPROM TRAFO СН” clearly understands the role of the quality, effectiveness in terms of environmental and the health and safety at work for the development and prosperity of our organization in the future and is convinced that everyone, according to his rights, responsibilities and potential will contribute to the policy implementation and effective working of the Integrated Management System.

With the official announcement of quality, environmental, health and safety at of work policy, we announce the conviction of the Senior Management for commitment from the team of “ELPROM TRAFO CH” in its practical application.

Recognizing my responsibility to the employees and clients of our organization, as an executive director of “Elprom Trafo CH” PLC Kyustendil, I officially declare that the quality, environmental, health and safety policy is appropriated for the objectives and context of the organization that I manage, the policy is comprehended and applied from the employees, as well as announced to all interested sides.

I take personal responsibility for ensuring financial and human resources to realize the announced policy of quality, environment and health and safety at work, which guarantees the rights and expectations of our clients, the employees of “ELPROM TRAFO CH” and the society for constant improvement of the quality of the products produced by us, for assuring the safe conditions of work and for protecting the environment.

The management of “ELPROM TRAFO CH” reviews at least once a year the Policy of Integrated Management System to ensure its adequacy, relevance and efficiency.

eng. Al. Dzhikov

Management Board Representative

of “Elprom Trafo CH” PLC

Date: 03.01.2024

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 | Certificate ISO 14001:2015 | Certificate ISO 45001:2018